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Beauty without nasties: no parabens, no sulphates, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no mineral oil, no petrolatum, no toxins

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About us

Why call it Glamorganic? Well, we believe you don’t have to be drab to be fab, nature is vibrant, beautiful, dramatic and natural beauty has come a long way...

We are make-up and beauty lovers who believe that the motto for looking your best should be "beauty doesn't have to hurt".


In pursuit of this belief we have scoured the globe in search of new and innovative beauty and health products that meet these ideals. On this journey we have unearthed products that give amazing results without harsh chemicals, metals, pollutants, fillers, and all that other nasty stuff, which after continued use, has negative effects.


Our products will in most cases contain predominantly organic ingredients or at the very least natural ingredients.


You can look beautiful using these products and avoid damaging your skin at the same time, in fact you

can even improve it using these products.


Over the course of our research we hope to bring some absolutely amazing products that will include natural make-up like Nvey and others that last for 18 hours or longer without re-application, "Lipsense", organic mineral make-up at very affordable prices, hair care products and natural oral care, so why not join us?