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By Glamorganic, Mar 26 2017 11:36AM

If so, the try my four steps to healthy hair growth.

This blog is not sponsored by any of the products mentioned and nor are they sold in our shop. These are just the steps and products that have worked for me I am sharing this with you because I know how it feels to worry about hair loss and how it can affect your self-image and esteem.

First pregnancy promise

During my first pregnancy, the hormones made my hair glorious, glossy and thick. I felt like the perfect TV advert for Pantene every time I flicked my hair. So, when I got pregnant for the second time I thought I was onto a winner. Maybe this time I would get back my teenage hair before it had ever been touched by straighteners or a box of peroxide. Imagine virgin hair.

Second pregnancy hair loss

It was an easier pregnancy than the first and although I didn´t notice any change in my hair during the pregnancy, afterwards things started to slowly deteriorate. Initially I would look at myself in the mirror and see my hair looking very dull and without shine whatsoever.

As I was dealing with baby weight, which I seemed to gain more of after delivery and bouts of feeling low, my hair was something I didn´t want to worry about so I ignored it. Over time it got worse, it started to fall out in bunches, in the shower, on the brush or even just when I ran my hands through it. People would tell me not to worry because it happens to many women after childbirth but that over time it would right itself.

I wish I had never listened to that advice, two years later it still had not righted itself and instead reached a point where my hair was so thin, my pony tail was more like a rat´s tail. It was extremely dry, creating a halo of frizz around my head. Every time I took a shower I would panic about the shampoo, the conditioner or how hard the water was fearing they would destroy what little hair I had left.

Hair growth recovery

I started researching products, supplements, herbs, drinks, basically everything I could to find a solution. There was nothing I did not try to find a miracle cure for hair growth. And after much trial and error, I came to these products and steps that brought my hair back. They have encouraged healthy growth, shine and stopped the large fall out of hair.

Four steps and essential products for hair growth that worked for me

1 - Top of my list is a supplement called Organic MSM Sulphur (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane Crystal Flakes). I simply take 1 tablespoon diluted in a half a glass of water every day in the morning, on an empty stomach. Tastes awful but I chase it down with some water, you can have it in juice if you can’t handle the taste. Now I must point out, it does take a little time, in my case three months. The first thing I noticed is that my hair stopped falling out. Then you may notice that you need to shave your legs every week and not every two as it makes all hair grow, even your eye lashes. MSM has been a revelation for my hair and if you do just one of these four things to get your hair back, this is the one I would recommend you try first.

2 - Diet - it can´t be avoided, what you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what is going on inside your body. So, to get my hair back I needed to remove toxic foods from my diet. I went on an organic based diet and removed greasy, sugary, processed foods out of my life. I am not saying I do not have the occasional Snickers or ice cream here and there, but I generally eat very healthy about 90% of the time. This has given me more energy, helped my weight and helped improve my hair.

3 - Products - a big advocate of organic and natural products, I was, however, disappointed by many shampoos that over cleansed my hair till I discovered Farouk CHI, Argan & Moringa Oil Shampoo. I fell in love. Not just because the smell is heavenly, or that it´s Paraben and Sulphate free but because it was the first shampoo I tried that made my hair smooth. Over time it forced the hair to grow down and not out. I have been religiously using CHI shampoo for almost a year and I still can´t find anything that works better.

4 - The last step - conditioner. I came across this amazing product called Maca Conditioner by Zatik while hunting for an organic conditioner. They have several others in the range but this is the stand out product for me. It is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair, the label says its hydrating, softening and refreshing. It´s organic, paraben, sulphate, GMO free, smells gorgeous and it really works to smooth the hair, need I say more. I only wash my hair 3 times a week and only once with shampoo, then I apply the conditioner and leave it on. I finish showering and then rinse out the Maca conditioner, leaving my hair feeling delightful.

I am not saying my hair is 100% back to what it was before having children but it is almost there.

By Glamorganic, Mar 25 2017 09:05AM

Product: Foreo Luna

Purpose: Cleansing and Facial massage

Where: Selfridges + online

RRP: £145

I purchased the Foreo Luna in Pink (for sensitive skin), there are different colour models for different skin types but I believe this is the most popular. They also sell mini versions which are retailing at £99 but I found this model size fit in my hand perfectly and I have small to medium hands. So any smaller and it would have been too fiddly.

Normally, this type of gadget would not interest me but with all the hype I wanted to see for myself and I'm glad I did.

I have been using it as directed morning and evening for a week now and already I am seeing a difference.

So the front side with the small silicone bristles is for cleansing. After applying cleansing gel to my face I gently press the Foreo Luna all over my face for about a minute or so. Then I rinse my skin with luke warm water and pat dry with a towel.

I then use my moisturiser in the same way as the cleanser because the Foreo glides across my skin better with something on it. This time I use the back of it where there are lined ridges instead of bristles. I hold it for 12 seconds at a time on the areas I feel look a little tired, under eyes, nasio label lines, forehead etc. All this process takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

Its an easy routine even for a busy mom and actually it's easier to use rather than massaging your moisturiser in yourself.

The results are already visible, even though one week may seem premature to write a review its because I am excited about the fact my skin feels and looks plumper and the pores seem to have gotten tighter or smaller.

I know it is pricey, for sure and this may push you towards the Clarisonic but that did not appeal to me as it has brush bristles which can pick up dirt and are harder to keep clean. There is a danger you can spread bacteria if you don't clean it properly after every use.

Also the Clarisonic costs more in the long run as the heads need to be replaced whereas the Foreo does not require any replacement heads. A simple rinse when you have finished is all you need as silicone is easier to keep clean.

So anyone with skin that is prone to break-outs like me I would say that the Foreo is a safer bet.

In my opinion its a great machine especially for the massage!

By Glamorganic, Mar 15 2016 09:30PM

I bet you are thinking why do I want to do that when I can just pick one up from the drug store for a couple of quid right?

Because when you buy any deodorant or anti-perspirant you are getting a lot more than you bargained for. Deodorants and Anti-perspirants contain fragrances, chemical compounds, parabens and aluminium. Though deodorants are the lesser of two evils because they work to neutralize the odour rather than anti-perspirants that work by using chemical compounds to completely block the pores and stop you perspiring all together. They are both extremely dangerous!

Many consumer groups are now voicing serious concerns over the possible dangers of the ingredients used in basic everyday health and beauty products. Especially the potential health risks associated with aluminium compounds found in many antiperspirants and also with parabens found in some deodorants. More serious is that both types of products have been linked to serious illnesses like breast cancer. Manufacturers of such products surprisingly say these claims are untrue.

We take the common sense approach, perspiring is one of the ways for body to eliminate toxins if that is blocked the toxins are going to remain inside. If you are using these products daily then the body is not able to perform this function obviously this is going to have adverse effects.

So now that’s out of the way here is what you will need:

1 tablespoon Organic coconut oil (melted)

3 tablespoons Bicarbonate of Soda (Aluminium & gluten free)

8-10 of Lavender, Tea Tree or essential oil of your choice

1 x small glass jar with lid

Leave the coconut oil in bowl inside a pan of boiling water for 5 minutes to melt. Then add the Bicarbonate of Soda to the coconut oil and mix very well, when it is well combined and you have a very thick mixture add your essential oil and mix again. Put in the fridge for about 4-5hours until it has completely solidified.

To use scoop half a pea sized amount or less and rub under your arms.

This is natural, healthy and even whitening for your pits. You will be amazed how powerful this is!

By Glamorganic, Aug 20 2015 12:44PM

Birthing surprise

Before I gave birth to my first child I had clear skin and glossy hair naturally without ever having to do anything other than wash and go. My first child was the beginning of things going wrong, but after my second child…things took a turn for the worse. My gorgeous long hair began to fall out in bunches daily, my skin broke out in burning hot rashes all over my arms, and my fingers. On my face and across my eye developed a scaly, itchy rash which would keep me up at night wanting to scratch my face until it was raw. Doctors and skin specialists had no idea what it was and there was nothing that could stop it or get rid of it. To top it all my much loved make up and beauty products made the rash worse, much worse.

Do the research

I battled with myself not to wear make up for a few months in the hope the rash on my face would disappear and it did. But I didn't feel myself when I went out of the door without make up. After all I had worked with make up for many years and it was a huge passion of mine.

So I started to research the ingredients in this stuff to see if I could buy make up without the ingredients that irritate skin. The results were upsetting as I discovered that for years, actually centuries women had been sold beauty products that contained everything from comedogenic and irritating oils, minerals, salts, alcohol, parabens, waxes and worse dangerous lead in lipsticks

From cosmetic brands to natural alternatives

Still, I needed make-up, I loved make-up! So I decided to go back to wearing it but there would be a compromise. I would replace all my cosmetics with a natural or organic alternative

Natural and organic

Years later I only use natural or organic products and have found wonderful, cutting edge make up and beauty products that are safer, more affordable and I want to share my findings with you!

Vox pop

Help us, tell us what has the biggest influence on your cosmetic purchase decision is by leaving a comment below.

By Glamorganic, Mar 10 2014 07:28PM

In search of women we went, women with big plans looking forward to their big day and looking for the next big idea. Beauty tips, money saving tips, coverage tips and where better than under one big roof. Yup the The National Wedding Show at Olympia.

And what did we find? Women-a-plenty, ideas-a-plenty, tips-a-plenty and a niche for Glamorganic. What better way to feel confident for your big day than knowing not only that your make up will stay put till you take it off but even better... even if you forget it doesn't matter. It's not going anywhere and it won't hurt you.

Not only do the products we believe in deliver but they won't hurt your skin or your purse otherwise we don't pick them.

Still not convinced? Then come and take our kissing challenge at the Earl's Court show.

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