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By Glamorganic, Aug 20 2015 12:44PM

Birthing surprise

Before I gave birth to my first child I had clear skin and glossy hair naturally without ever having to do anything other than wash and go. My first child was the beginning of things going wrong, but after my second child…things took a turn for the worse. My gorgeous long hair began to fall out in bunches daily, my skin broke out in burning hot rashes all over my arms, and my fingers. On my face and across my eye developed a scaly, itchy rash which would keep me up at night wanting to scratch my face until it was raw. Doctors and skin specialists had no idea what it was and there was nothing that could stop it or get rid of it. To top it all my much loved make up and beauty products made the rash worse, much worse.

Do the research

I battled with myself not to wear make up for a few months in the hope the rash on my face would disappear and it did. But I didn't feel myself when I went out of the door without make up. After all I had worked with make up for many years and it was a huge passion of mine.

So I started to research the ingredients in this stuff to see if I could buy make up without the ingredients that irritate skin. The results were upsetting as I discovered that for years, actually centuries women had been sold beauty products that contained everything from comedogenic and irritating oils, minerals, salts, alcohol, parabens, waxes and worse dangerous lead in lipsticks

From cosmetic brands to natural alternatives

Still, I needed make-up, I loved make-up! So I decided to go back to wearing it but there would be a compromise. I would replace all my cosmetics with a natural or organic alternative

Natural and organic

Years later I only use natural or organic products and have found wonderful, cutting edge make up and beauty products that are safer, more affordable and I want to share my findings with you!

Vox pop

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