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By Glamorganic, Mar 26 2017 11:36AM

If so, the try my four steps to healthy hair growth.

This blog is not sponsored by any of the products mentioned and nor are they sold in our shop. These are just the steps and products that have worked for me I am sharing this with you because I know how it feels to worry about hair loss and how it can affect your self-image and esteem.

First pregnancy promise

During my first pregnancy, the hormones made my hair glorious, glossy and thick. I felt like the perfect TV advert for Pantene every time I flicked my hair. So, when I got pregnant for the second time I thought I was onto a winner. Maybe this time I would get back my teenage hair before it had ever been touched by straighteners or a box of peroxide. Imagine virgin hair.

Second pregnancy hair loss

It was an easier pregnancy than the first and although I didn´t notice any change in my hair during the pregnancy, afterwards things started to slowly deteriorate. Initially I would look at myself in the mirror and see my hair looking very dull and without shine whatsoever.

As I was dealing with baby weight, which I seemed to gain more of after delivery and bouts of feeling low, my hair was something I didn´t want to worry about so I ignored it. Over time it got worse, it started to fall out in bunches, in the shower, on the brush or even just when I ran my hands through it. People would tell me not to worry because it happens to many women after childbirth but that over time it would right itself.

I wish I had never listened to that advice, two years later it still had not righted itself and instead reached a point where my hair was so thin, my pony tail was more like a rat´s tail. It was extremely dry, creating a halo of frizz around my head. Every time I took a shower I would panic about the shampoo, the conditioner or how hard the water was fearing they would destroy what little hair I had left.

Hair growth recovery

I started researching products, supplements, herbs, drinks, basically everything I could to find a solution. There was nothing I did not try to find a miracle cure for hair growth. And after much trial and error, I came to these products and steps that brought my hair back. They have encouraged healthy growth, shine and stopped the large fall out of hair.

Four steps and essential products for hair growth that worked for me

1 - Top of my list is a supplement called Organic MSM Sulphur (Methyl Sulphonyl Methane Crystal Flakes). I simply take 1 tablespoon diluted in a half a glass of water every day in the morning, on an empty stomach. Tastes awful but I chase it down with some water, you can have it in juice if you can’t handle the taste. Now I must point out, it does take a little time, in my case three months. The first thing I noticed is that my hair stopped falling out. Then you may notice that you need to shave your legs every week and not every two as it makes all hair grow, even your eye lashes. MSM has been a revelation for my hair and if you do just one of these four things to get your hair back, this is the one I would recommend you try first.

2 - Diet - it can´t be avoided, what you look like on the outside is a direct reflection of what is going on inside your body. So, to get my hair back I needed to remove toxic foods from my diet. I went on an organic based diet and removed greasy, sugary, processed foods out of my life. I am not saying I do not have the occasional Snickers or ice cream here and there, but I generally eat very healthy about 90% of the time. This has given me more energy, helped my weight and helped improve my hair.

3 - Products - a big advocate of organic and natural products, I was, however, disappointed by many shampoos that over cleansed my hair till I discovered Farouk CHI, Argan & Moringa Oil Shampoo. I fell in love. Not just because the smell is heavenly, or that it´s Paraben and Sulphate free but because it was the first shampoo I tried that made my hair smooth. Over time it forced the hair to grow down and not out. I have been religiously using CHI shampoo for almost a year and I still can´t find anything that works better.

4 - The last step - conditioner. I came across this amazing product called Maca Conditioner by Zatik while hunting for an organic conditioner. They have several others in the range but this is the stand out product for me. It is specifically designed for dry and damaged hair, the label says its hydrating, softening and refreshing. It´s organic, paraben, sulphate, GMO free, smells gorgeous and it really works to smooth the hair, need I say more. I only wash my hair 3 times a week and only once with shampoo, then I apply the conditioner and leave it on. I finish showering and then rinse out the Maca conditioner, leaving my hair feeling delightful.

I am not saying my hair is 100% back to what it was before having children but it is almost there.

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