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By Glamorganic, Mar 25 2017 09:05AM

Product: Foreo Luna

Purpose: Cleansing and Facial massage

Where: Selfridges + online

RRP: £145

I purchased the Foreo Luna in Pink (for sensitive skin), there are different colour models for different skin types but I believe this is the most popular. They also sell mini versions which are retailing at £99 but I found this model size fit in my hand perfectly and I have small to medium hands. So any smaller and it would have been too fiddly.

Normally, this type of gadget would not interest me but with all the hype I wanted to see for myself and I'm glad I did.

I have been using it as directed morning and evening for a week now and already I am seeing a difference.

So the front side with the small silicone bristles is for cleansing. After applying cleansing gel to my face I gently press the Foreo Luna all over my face for about a minute or so. Then I rinse my skin with luke warm water and pat dry with a towel.

I then use my moisturiser in the same way as the cleanser because the Foreo glides across my skin better with something on it. This time I use the back of it where there are lined ridges instead of bristles. I hold it for 12 seconds at a time on the areas I feel look a little tired, under eyes, nasio label lines, forehead etc. All this process takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

Its an easy routine even for a busy mom and actually it's easier to use rather than massaging your moisturiser in yourself.

The results are already visible, even though one week may seem premature to write a review its because I am excited about the fact my skin feels and looks plumper and the pores seem to have gotten tighter or smaller.

I know it is pricey, for sure and this may push you towards the Clarisonic but that did not appeal to me as it has brush bristles which can pick up dirt and are harder to keep clean. There is a danger you can spread bacteria if you don't clean it properly after every use.

Also the Clarisonic costs more in the long run as the heads need to be replaced whereas the Foreo does not require any replacement heads. A simple rinse when you have finished is all you need as silicone is easier to keep clean.

So anyone with skin that is prone to break-outs like me I would say that the Foreo is a safer bet.

In my opinion its a great machine especially for the massage!

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